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Recent brand work includes the Tim Scull Ceramic Studio, Monogram Realty, and Full Combat supplement packaging. My latest photography effort is a resistance-training instructional series for an international social-media web site. The work involves directing three models (who are doing some 300+ different exercises), and requires still photography and video, as well as some post production chores. This is a company-private assignment, so it may be impossible to post, but I'll try to get some representative photography images up soon.


Tony Fons is a 25-year veteran of the visual communications process, with an emphasis on corporate identity and fine arts educational materials. He is a designer, photographer, writer and production consultant. He has worked for a wide variety of public- and private-sector firms in Southern New England and New York, and is based in Farmington, Connecticut.

Tony is also a musician with experience in live performance, studio work and songwriting. Other interests include cooking, biking, skiing, and tennis.


Corporate Identity design, architectural and commercial photography, packaging, advertising, information design, fine art catalog and poster work, web site architecture and large-format graphics.


I am an agent of change. If you're willing to take the necessary risks, I can help you communicate more effectively and achieve a healthier, stronger brand. One way or another, my clients always get top-shelf work and outstanding long-term value - on every project and in every campaign. If I don't know how to do it right, I'll find you somebody who does.


Creative Suite, Quark, Filemaker, various coding and utility apps. Lots of camera and audio recording skills. Outstanding craft capability for mock-ups, models and comprehensive design.


MBA University of Connecticut
BFA University of Hartford

Various professional development courses and seminars, including Edward Tufte's Information Design course.


My clients receive them from time to time.


International Institute of Information Design, ICC of Connecticut

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44 Mountain Road
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860 463-7397