Photo by Alan Grant / Digital Creations


The Independent Creative Club (ICC) began in 1995 in the Hartford, Connecticut, area when a group of four graphic designers began meeting informally to talk about the business issues unique to independent creative professionals. They soon began inviting other independent graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, writers and marketing strategists to join them, and since then, membership has grown to almost 200 creative professionals located throughout the state.

The ICC continues to be an informal organization open to anyone who derives the major portion of their income from providing independent creative communication services to businesses. The ICC has no officers, dues, nonprofit status or other characteristics of an organized group. Meetings are informal and begin with a social hour followed by dinner and then a discussion led by a member or guest speaker. Anyone may suggest a topic for a meeting or offer to be a presenter.

Meeting notices go out at the beginning of the month by e-mail to everyone who has joined the ICC mailing list. Because the ICC has no treasury to cover expenses, it requires that anyone wishing to attend a meeting register in advance and pay the cost of attending through PayPal.
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