The Independent Creative Club (ICC) is an organization of independent creative business communications professionals whose mission is to provide a forum for members to network and share ideas and information. Our group meetings offer members the opportunity to explore various business topics and issues, learn from each other and develop a network of professional resources.

Through our affiliation with other creative professionals, we can also make reliable referrals to clients who have a need to find a creative professional with a particular specialty, and we can readily put together a team of creative professionals for a project.

This website provides links to ICC members' profiles and sample portfolios and to groups of members by specialty.* We invite members and clients seeking the services of an independent creative professional to learn more about the talents and accomplishments of ICC members by visiting their individual profiles.

* All comments, ideas and thoughts on this site are the property of their authors; reproduction without the author’s permission is strictly prohibited. The ICC reserves the right to delete any comment deemed offensive or unnecessary.